Xochipilli stirs up passions with a powerful game-ritual: Patolli

Visitors and players have connected with the mexica god of flowers, art, games and hallucinogen plants at Cafe Patolli, all sorts of offerings have been made in order to get into the board that represents the universe and in which every turn is an opportunity to offer or receive the treasures and common wealth that Xochipilli gathers and redistributes in the community.

With the purpose of creating a space to gather, play and experiment,Cafe Patolli has revived this mexica game which was forbidden by the spanish conquerors for provoking free and unexpected economical relationships among the indigenous people in Mexico.
The game-ritual has brought out the spiritual, the strategical, the competitive, the conceptual but mostly the true essence of its players in Queens, this last weekend an intense session took place among kids from the neighborhood.
 biblioteca 1 de enero 2image
Cafe Patolli is a space for economical, artistic and knowledge exchanges, this past Sunday July 10, it celebrated the opening of the the 1/1/1994 library, which is a wonderful collection of books that have been gathered by the members of the Diego de la Vega Coffee co-op throughout their living, traveling, researching and meeting valuable people and projects that nurture this collection that has grown in different geographies including New York, Tijuana and Mexico City metropolitan area.

DMS Exchange Rate.


The Digital Material Sunflower exchange rate at the beginning of this week is:

17.78 Digital Material Sunflowers x 1 Second Life Linden Dollar.

The Nano-Macro-Economy is experiencing a lot of growth, this seems to have come at the expense of everyone’s purchasing power. However, as the money supply and DMS users are expanding, in the end it can only be good news. The currency will eventually find stability, and perhaps then we will be longing for days of growth like the ones we’re having today.

CPU Draw (July 10th, 2016).

c2f766570a6c0f9d78aa5934aa876ffa-ConvertImageThis week the CyberPunk Unit draw goes to number 003 in Los Angeles.

The specifics of the mission will be made public only if the mission is accomplished succesfully.

If you are interested in acquiring a number, get in touch with your countact and make a bid.