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Se le asignó una misión a un agente en Ciudad de México, con la carta Cyberpunk #355 (Combat Zone Resuscitation)

“Screw the light. Come back to the dark.”

Esto es lo que respondió:
“Una práctica cultural que casi se perdió fue el nezahualiztli, un tipo de retiro de ayuno en la montaña, también conocido entre los lakotas como vision quest.

Considero importante recuperarla y preservarla, pues ayuda a crear una visión del mundo desde la propia experiencia con uno mismo y con la naturaleza, no mediada por dogmas o el pensamiento cristiano.”

Esperamos más instrucciones. Sí, de cómo podemos poner el nezahualiztli en práctica.

El agente recibirá una nueva misión por correo postal y una recompensa de 100 Digital Material Sunflowers.

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The fog of war in Palestine may be caused by nimda corporation

Tel Aviv, August 22, 2016

I arrived safely to Ben Gurion International Airport and went straight to my suite at the Ritz Carlton Herzliya, not far from the Palm Beach of Israel, following the path of nimda corporation. On the next day I took a cab straight to the North Industrial Zone Lod to look for an alleged company’s complex with an interesting slogan: Power in motion.

Nimda Co. Ltd. seems to be a subsidiary of nimda corporation that is selling Powerpacks and Power- Trains for commercial and military vehicles based in Israel with alleged branches in the USA and the Czech Republic. However, the most scary thing is that the branch seems to be selling advanced military war machines to the Israel Defense Force (IDF).

A picture of the alleged location of Nimda Co. LTD. in Tel Aviv.
A picture of the alleged location of Nimda Co. LTD. in Tel Aviv.

It seems that Nimda Co. LTD worked on the modification of the Achzarit, the most advanced bullet-proof vehicle in the world that is used by the Israeli army to move soldiers between war zones. Besides it is representing internationally “IMI”, “Elisra”, and ”Israel Aircraft Industries” in some focused markets. I find all these facts scary because some years ago nimda began a project named Cyberpalestine, which intended to create an alternate palestine state on the web to spread consciousness around the arab-israeli conflict. I had a skype interview with Nimda’s CEO Alonso Cedillo, whose terms to concede me an interview included a skype call at 2 am. During the interview I asked him about the palestine cyberstate, which he described as “a nice artistic gesture that is probably nimda’s most epic failure”. With Operation Cyberpalestine he said, “we wanted to open a space to store as much information as we could from the Palestinian culture, mainly to preserve it and show how the nation is been wiped out. However we had zero response. What can I tell you… shit happens. Sometimes you want to do something, but if its not working you better leave it aside. One can’t create a Cyberpalestine without Cyberpalestinians”. When I asked him about nimda’s business in the persian gulf region he stated he was only exporting art to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, commerce they are hoping to expand into Kuwait, Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “mainly because of the oil fields”.

However when I asked him about the Israeli complex he denied it as part of the corporation. “They only have a similar name. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but this seems to be a work of the zionists to sabotage our beloved nimda corporation, or maybe by the Illuminati. I’m sure this is the work of one of them, or maybe they’re working together, that is a possibility too”. I almost exploded in laughter when he told me this, but I holded it because I didn’t wanted the skype call to end. He told me Nimda Co. LTD was part of the fog of war of the Palestinian conflict, “a fog that do not blocks our sight and instead renders useless the capacity of seeing. We are allowed to see because we do not understand what we see. It is the war of information. I am sure they would feel really stupid if they knew Cyberpalestine couldn’t reclute a single citizen”.

Of course this conspiracy theory could be possible, but what if the art business in the gulf is nothing but a screen to spread terror into the arab world by selling war machines to Israel and other governments in order to feed the fog of war?

Mestafah Allah Hente is a journalist that covers conflicts of interest in the gulf region.

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