Pre-emptively reviving and revolving The Revolting Fund.

108ecee2-21a1-11e6-80b1-a87df553e801_1280x720The initiative to setup a Diego de la Vega Trust Fund had to be postponed, because in practical terms there was urgent work to be done: the Revolting Fund, which is the account responsible for taking care of the CyberPunk Draw (a project that randomly assigns missions to agents on a weekly basis) was about to suddenly dry up. If things didn’t work in the next 48 hours it would go bankrupt, because of not having enough assets or cash to keep up the costs of CyberPunk game cards, postal stamps and the rewards in Digital Material Sunflowers, and its systemic importance would’ve disrupted the pattern of the days and weeks to come in the Year Two in The First Five Year Plan of Aridoamérica.  And so, to postpone its failure for a few days, Stimpy Tripp donated L$ 289.37, which is enough to survive another sunday… but probably not two. Its all about the odds. If nothing is assigned nothing is lost, but also nothing moves but the stasis that will take over time-space. So hopefully this sunday, the CyberPunk Draw has lots of good news and breaks its participation record. In the meantime, Thanks Stimpy Tripp. The Support Network salutes you!

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