The DMS rises 175.43% more.


Continuous rumors that the Sweatshop Labor Exchange will be temporarily stationed in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY) take the Digital Material Sunflower up, giving it a 175.43% appreciation. This might be a perfect time to invest or spend your DMS-denominated savings.

In other news the Euro will be dropped from this weekly announcement as it is not having a considerable impact within the DMS nano-macro-economy.

The Digital Material Sunflower exchange rate at the beginning of this week was:

1 DMS = 

Second Life L$ 0.04
100 DMS = 
$ 0.02 USD
$ 0.36 MXN
£ 0.01 GBP
Second Life L$ 4.29
5,000 DMS = 
$ 0.87 USD
$ 10.32 MXN
£ 0.40 GBP
Second Life L$ 214.26

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