A glimpse towards re-normalization of monetary and translocal DMS trade ?

The earthquake in Mexico had virtually stopped all DMS-denominated trade between New York City and Mexico City, and this has had terrible consequences, but today the situation has shifted and the connections with not only Mexico City, but Oventic,  San Cristobal de las Casas and Tijuana is normalizing.

Today the exchange rate is as follows.

1 Digital Material Sunflowers =
Second Life L$ 0.005

100 Digital Material Sunflowers =
$ 0.002 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.04 Tumines
Second Life L$ 0.48

1,000 Digital Material Sunflowers =
$ 0.02 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.35 Tumines
Second Life L$ 4.76

5,000 Digital Material Sunflowers =
$ 0.10 Brooklyn Torches
$ 1.77 Tumines
Second Life L$ 23.81

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