The erasure of cyberpalestine

On 2013 THE CIRCLE, Nimda Corporation’s Secret Service launched Operation Cyberpalestine by purchasing the domain . Inspired by the cyberyugoslavia project, THE CIRCLE decided to launch a cyperpalestine estate and released an open call for people to apply for cyberpalestinian documents. The project included cultural plans and developments, as well as economic opportunities to help refugee camps in Gaza. However, both, CIRCLE’s president and Nimda’s CEO have recognized cyberpalestine as their hugest fail ever.

Cyberpalestinian territory until today has zero population, and as 2016 comes to an end, Nimda Corporation CEO stated on his 100-Day Plan to Make Nimda Great Again the intentions to shut down cyberpalestine. On January 5, 2017 the cybernation’s domain name will expire. Today, Nimda’s CEO has stated he will not renovate the domain services.
Cyberpalestine faces a reality that will wipe it out of the internet. It will only leave a caché behind. Hence, these 2016 holidays are the last chance to visit

The Richelieu Cell was born in the VNS

According to Aridoamerica’s intelligence agency, the Richelieu Cell is a group of radical anarchists once based in the Desert of the Virtual, Versu Richelieu, that includes students who eventually came to be key operatives in the detonation of a nuclear bomb in Second Life. Its members are believed to be investors and personnel of nimda corporation that in 2012 established an underwater secret base to conduct nuclear experiments.

Location in Versu Richelieu used as a base for the terrorist cell in 2012

Alonso Cedillo, nimda’s CEO told ElZorro that despite his opposition to the radical group, the Richelieu Cell is still active and operating anonymously inside his company. “It is to be assumed that these persons are absolutely prepared to carry out suicide or other attacks in Second Life or abroad.” The report leak of the Richelieu Cell comes after the recent release of two nimda internet videos that show the nuclear test in Second Life and their heavy armament factory in Israel.

Aridoamerica’s prosecutors said the Richelieu Cell consists of eight members: three software programmers, three logistical planners and two others whose role remains vague. Police say even now they do not have the resources to track all of the militants. However, it is evident that the VNS and nimda corporation are the parents of the Richelieu Cell, as both, the company and the state allowed the terrorist group to bloom. Last week ElZorro found out nimda corporation had decided to build a collider inside Second Life to open a space-time portal in cyberspace with religious objectives. Now we wonder, what if the Richelieu Cell is using the Catholic and Guadalupano faith as a Trojan horse to develop an unprecedented weapon of mass destruction?