Anti-colonial Flame-throwing weapons.

The winner of this past weekend CyberPunk Unit draw (what was formerly known as Lotería Cyberpunk) was Red, in Denver, Colorado (USA). She was given 48 hours to complete a really important mission, which consisted of collaboration thinking, researching, writing or producing any material that could speak about the weapons that should be used to combat the current conditions of classism, racism an inequality that result from colonialism. Some of the questions posed were: “What kind of weapons would you think should be used? technology? strategies? social psyche? What could be done to start the fire on people, to make it last and find the right ways?”

The mission was acomplished. The answer by Red was:

“Here are some  weapons that come to mind:
Military strategy
Control over food, water, energy – even if it’s at a different scale
A cultural transformation with other definitions of success and happiness
Strong solidarity networks
New historical narratives
Collectively imagining different and better futures – and planning how to get there.
Control over time, rhythms
A different way of handling health care and care of the old & sick
Psychic weapons to combat fear”

Red will be sent a new mission by postal mail and rewarded a 100 Digital Material Sunflowers. You can read about  previous succesful missions here.

If you want to participate in this sunday CyberPunk Unit draw please visit the homepage of Sabotage.