Capital flights and social distribution of wealth.

There is a certain expectation on the form that will take the propaganda and public relations agency Mundo Posible. It finally has an account executive taking care of it (Ilich Sabotage), so it is not too risky to say where things will be headed, that is, some sort of partnership with this publication (El Zorro).  In that sense, seems like the time and price are right to buy into it.

 As the NYMLB Consumption Co-op gets closer to paying their final installment for their 2018 season ticket, it becomes evident that they wont be able to do it without the help of external funding. As such, it is a good opportunity to buy cheaply into it. Apart from securing cheap NY Yankees tickets, it provides a good investment opportunity, as already 3/4 of next year expenses have already been paid for.

To those that have Brooklyn Torches, our best advice is to hold on to them, as further depreciation of the currency can be expected, after an important capital flight (courtesy of Nimda Corp) has found its way into Pisaq, in the Cuzco department of Peru.

Finally, to those who want to earn safe income, our best advice is to find a gig in El Zorro or Mundo Posible collaborating by writing news or creating content, as well as doing administrative work. Content creators get a share per file, admins 1 DMS per day, if anyone was wondering were had the maoist heritage gone to.

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