Bogota: consolidation of DMS pockets.

One of the two previously existing pockets of Digital Material Sunflowers was bought out by the other, throughout a three-party hawalah-like trade of a pound of Zapatista coffee, a 100 one hundred denominated DMS coins and a few U.S. dollars. So from now on, Oficina de Asuntos Extraterrestres will be running a pool of almost 20,000 DMS. They commonly trade with others in Quito and in indigenous communities across Colombia. More in the days to come.

In the meantime, the exchange rate is as follows.

1 Digital Material Sunflowers =
Second Life L$ 0.005

100 Digital Material Sunflowers =
$ 0.002 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.03 Tumines
Second Life L$ 0.48

1,000 Digital Material Sunflowers =
$ 0.019 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.35 Tumines
Second Life L$ 4.76

5,000 Digital Material Sunflowers =
$ 0.10 Brooklyn Torches
$ 1.74 Tumines
Second Life L$ 23.81