Frankfurt’s temporary DMS Money Exchange is closed now.

The temporary Digital Material Sunflower Money Exchange in Frankfurt closed after a successful week where reports tell us that there were trades in national currencies like the Kenyan Schilling, Ghanan Cedi, as well as the more traditional Euro.

The money exchange which is run by the New American Sweatshop is considering starting a more permanent operation in Green Point, Brooklyn.

More news as they materialize.

1 Digital Material Sunflowers =
Second Life L$ 0.01

100 Digital Material Sunflowers = 
$ 0.004 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.08 Tumines
Second Life L$ 1.10
1,000 Digital Material Sunflowers = 
$ 0.04 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.82 Tumines
Second Life L$ 11.00
5,000 Digital Material Sunflowers = 
$ 0.22 Brooklyn Torches
$ 4.09 Tumines
Second Life L$ 55.00