A temporary money exchange in Frankfurt.

This week a temporary Digital Material Sunflower Money Exchange will be running in Frankfurt, Germany, in collaboration with the New American Sweatshop. Afterwards it is expected that the money exchange relocates to Greenpoint in Brooklyn, where it will be one of two money exchanges operating simultaneously in the borough that saw the network currency born.

The Digital Material Central Bank is taking risks with illiquid literary commodities as a way to pump up the value of the DMS. A risky bet, but a noble one. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime -as in the previous weeks- the trend is to go down.

1 Digital Material Sunflowers =
Second Life L$ 0.01

100 Digital Material Sunflowers = 
$ 0.005 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.09 Tumines
Second Life L$ 1.22
1,000 Digital Material Sunflowers = 
$ 0.05 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.89 Tumines
Second Life L$ 12.19
5,000 Digital Material Sunflowers = 
$ 0.26 Brooklyn Torches
$ 4.59 Tumines
Second Life L$ 62.62