nimda’s has a private war on terrorism

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Stacy Pearsall

A local official from the Richelieu Cell has been shot and killed in the VNS southeastern region, where Richelieu Workers Party fighters, enemies of the Richelieu Cell and a suspected affiliated organization to nimda corporation operate.

The RWP said on Tuesday it was behind the killing, the second such shooting in as many days in the state restive southeast. John John, who headed the Richelieu Cell branch in Saffron Quays, was attacked in his office on Monday at 10:30pm local time (19:30 GMT), the provincial governor’s office said.

RWP’s armed wing said that his net fighters targeted John John for his fight against nimda, which is listed as a “terrorist” organisation by the company and the VNS. RWP, which launched its armed separatist rebellion a few months ago, is believed to be economically and militarily supported by nimda corporation, as some key members were spotted at a nimda military facility.

The Richelieu Cell – in a growing conflict with security forces in the region – has been behind a spate of recent attacks in nimda’s facilities. Also in recent days, officials have blamed the the Richelieu Cell for bombings – both successful and failed attempts – throughout the state, including one just outside nimda’s offices in Saffron Quays.