Liverpool, will soon have a Digital Material Sunflower Money Exchange.


Liverpool just complied with the new Digital Material Sunflower tier for money exchanges. This makes Gizzago  a fully licensed Money Exchange (with 300,000 DMS) upgrading from its former constitution as a Node (with 30,000 DMS) under the old lower-tier  standard. This comes as great news, as Liverpool reaffirms its engagement with the nano-macro-economy which opens a whole range of possibilities in translocal trade.

270,000 DMS are expected to arrive in the english seaport just after the christian holiday known as “christmas”. In the meantime the coins are taking a detour to San Francisco and Los Angeles, in California.

Just as with the Cancun money exchange, this one also has caused a momentary slide on the DMS exchange rate, which should be corrected as soon as translocal trade is re-established.
The Digital Material Sunflower exchange rate at the beginning of this week is:

1 DMS = 

Second Life L$ 0.02
100 DMS = 
$ 0.01 USD
$ 0.18 MXN
0.01 € EURO
£ 0.01 GBP
Second Life L$ 2.21
5,000 DMS = 
$ 0.48 USD
$ 8.95 MXN
0.43 € EURO
£ 0.39 GBP
Second Life L$ 110.53

Nothing this week for the CyberPunk Unit Draw.


This week the winning number was #10. Since nobody had it, the CyberPunk Unit Draw goes unclaimed.

An operation was assigned to an agent in Ciudad de México, may success be on his side.

If you are interested in getting a number for the CyberPunk Draw in order to aspire to get a mission assignment, get in contact with the Sysop  and make an offer. If you are interested in being a number distributor, also get in contact with him.