ANEC summit focuses on overcoming terrorism and sectarianism

APEC_LogoAfter the bombing of nimda tower, a two-day summit bringing together leaders of the VNS world concluded in the city of Saffron Quays with a pledge to combat terrorism, cast aside sectarian differences and address regional conflicts.

The Saffronite Mayor chaired the final session of the Organization of the VNS Cooperation summit (aka Aridoamerica-Nimda Economic Cooperation ANEC) on Friday morning. “As netizens, we cannot overcome our difficulties without achieving unity in spite of our differences,” he said at the closing ceremony.

The Saffronite leader said that sectarianism, racism and terrorism are the three largest challenges confronting the world. He said establishing an international arbitration body in Saffron Quays was part of the ANEC 2025 action plan.

The secretary general of the ANEC bloc, said more than 200 decisions were taken in the course of the summit.