The Aridoamerica Cables – Part 1

Cable Nº1 – Counterfeit money in SimCity Buildit

This cable was sent to Aridoamerica by Nimda Corporation to brief about the company’s espionage in SimCity BuildIt.


Dear comrades,

Since past May we’ve been inspecting the economy of SimCity BuildIt (SCBI) through the establishment of Saffron Quays in order to push Aridoamerica’s economy in the internet.

IMG_5603There are two ways of making money in SCBI, by injecting money through iTunes store and by watching ads that inject the money into the game. SCBI uses two kind of currencies, Simoleons and Simcash, which are both the basis of the game. SCBI economy is generated by its players by producing resources like wood, plastic, metal, textiles, and chemicals that can be sold or used to produce more complex items. This products are used to improve the cities’ qualities and services or can be sold to gain more Simoleons. You can also buy Simoleons using Simcash. However, you can only buy Simcash using USD or watch an Ad to enter a lottery and get the chance to win a small amount of them. Hence, every Simcash is backed up with USD, payed by the Ad company or paid by you.

IMG_5305According to the cities’ population, players earn an amount of simoleons every 24 hours, so time is used to coin simoleons too. Hence, there is an economy and a value of the simcash quite similar to the linden dollar and to the DMS. However we have spotted a problem regarding rebel players: the game can be hacked in order to counterfeit unlimited amounts of simcash and simoleons. These users are banned and get their accounts canceled, but the damage can not be reversed, as it is impossible to distinguish a fake simoleon or simcash from a genuine. Apparently SCBI has the situation under control, but we believe that if this activity starts to be practiced in our lands, our economy would experiment and unprecedented economical drop.

IMG_5306We believe the most important activity in SCBI is commerce; goods are sold in each city through the Trade Depot; possible acquisitions are monitored through the Global Trade and are purchased directly on the neighboring cities. We are now analyzing exactly how does it work in order for us to open back our ports and establish Aridoamerica’s Free Trade Agreement. For the moment, a diplomatic compound will be ready and operating in Saffron Quays in 15 hours.