The Tel Aviv Branch unleashes conspiracy theories

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 18.08.29As security forces in Aridoamerica and elsewhere in the Variable Network State (VNS) seek for double agents after the discovery of an alleged branch of nimda corporation in Tel Aviv that sell advanced war machines, conspiracy theories have been taking root online attempting to provide an alternative explanation for the Tel Aviv Branch.

Nimda Co. LTD.  claims to have provided weapons used at a number of locations across Israel against Palestine. nimda corporation has not hesitated in placing blame squarely on the Israelis claiming the Tel Aviv branch is a fake and part of a campaign against the American company in response to the company-owned website .

The appearance of conspiracy theories after exposing facts such as the Tel Aviv Branch of nimda corporation is not a recent phenomenon

The attacks on New York and Washington DC by al-Qaeda on September 11, 2001, gave rise to the “truther” movement, which accused the US government of complicity in the attack. A nimda spokesman told “Explaining the events as the result of an internet attack does not seem as justified as explaining it as the acts of much larger groups such as governments. This is known as the proportionality bias.”

However suggesting that the Tel Aviv branch is a false flag operation, on the other hand, does fit the description of a conspiracy theory. Until now it is unknown how this events will affect Nimda Corporation’s economy, and if it will have consequences on Aridoamerica and the VNS, as the company financial branch, Nimda Commerce Bank, operates through the VNS’s Digital Material Central Bank.