ANEC summit focuses on overcoming terrorism and sectarianism

APEC_LogoAfter the bombing of nimda tower, a two-day summit bringing together leaders of the VNS world concluded in the city of Saffron Quays with a pledge to combat terrorism, cast aside sectarian differences and address regional conflicts.

The Saffronite Mayor chaired the final session of the Organization of the VNS Cooperation summit (aka Aridoamerica-Nimda Economic Cooperation ANEC) on Friday morning. “As netizens, we cannot overcome our difficulties without achieving unity in spite of our differences,” he said at the closing ceremony.

The Saffronite leader said that sectarianism, racism and terrorism are the three largest challenges confronting the world. He said establishing an international arbitration body in Saffron Quays was part of the ANEC 2025 action plan.

The secretary general of the ANEC bloc, said more than 200 decisions were taken in the course of the summit.

Massive outflow of DMS to Oaxaca and Mexico City.

The Digital Material Sunflower exchange rate at the beginning of this week is:

36.81 Digital Material Sunflowers x 1 Second Life Linden Dollar.


1 DMS = 

L$ 0.03 Second Life
100 DMS = 
$ 0.01 USD
L$ 2.72 Second Life
$ 0.23 MXN
0.01 € EURO
£ 0.01 GBP
5,000 DMS = 
$ 0.58 USD
L$ 135.83 Second Life
$ 11.43 MXN
0.52 € EURO
£ 0.45 GBP

At the end of last week, a little over 1,250,000 Digital Material Sunflowers were recently distributed to new users in San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca, in what was an action concerted between Spacebank and Fundación Telefónica. 80% of those were either deposited in new Spacebank accounts for purposes of investment, where as the remaining 20% stayed local where it will probably be used to develop new projects.

To make things more interesting, during the weekend, a total of 1,780,000 Digital Material Sunflowers were dispatched to Nimda Corporation in Mexico City with the goal of creating liquidity. This is more than 7X (times) what was till now the biggest pool of DMS outside of Spacebank, an honor that previously belonged to Delegación Miguel Hidalgo and which now is held by Nimda.

This two massive outflow operations in the short run are considered to have driven a depreciation of the network currency. However the impact in the longer term can only be one of furthering the usage and area of influence of the DMS.

Sin vender el número ganador del CPU Draw (Sep 25th, 2016).


El número ganador de esta semana fue el #6, mismo que no fue asignado a nadie.

Esta semana la Lotería CyberPunk queda desierta. Pero se le ofrecieron 100 DMS a una agente de Ciudad de México para cumplir una misión. Noticias pronto.

Si te interesa tomar un número del CyberPunk Draw ponte en contacto con tu operador y haz una oferta. O si te interesa ser un agente de venta, contacta al Sysop.

Suicide bomb blasts in Saffron Quays as terrorists carry out ‘coordinated attack’

There were three suicide bomb attacks in Saffron Quays tonight. Although nobody is yet to claim responsibility, the attacks appear to be part of a coordinated campaign as Saffrons prepared for the opening night of the nimda tower.

The explosions targeting VNS diplomats and nimda’s security headquarters in the city follow days of mass killings claimed by Richelieu Cell terrorists.

The attacks today all seem to have been timed to coincide with the opening fireworks of the tower.

IMG_6160Photos on social media taken in Saffron Quays show smoke billowing from a fire outside the tower – and security guards lying nearby.

Other footage showed ambulances and other emergency vehicles rushing to the scene.

nimda-owned nimda life television said an initial death toll from the tower blast included three suicide bombers and two security forces officers.

Images obtained from nimda life showed flames and smoke rising from the vicinity of the tower.

The cause of the explosion was not immediately known – but several reports blame a suicide bomber.

Netizen de Ciudad de México gana Lotería CyberPunk (September 18th, 2016).


El número ganador de esta semana es el #8, que fue vendido a un netizen del Variable Network State que vive en Ciudad de México.

Se le asignó una misión, y de cumplirla en 48 horas, se le depositarán 100 DMS en su cuenta de Spacebank y además se le enviará otra misión por correo postal. Noticias pronto.

Si te interesa tomar un número del CyberPunk Draw ponte en contacto con tu operador y haz una oferta.