The DMS in the first week of 2019.

The year just started and the bad news are ready to start rolling. The end of last year was full of dark clouds for the financial markets, as well as crypto-currencies in general. How this is going to impact the Digital Material Sunflower it is still to be seen.

In the meantime, the value of the DMS at the beginning of the year is, pretty much as it was the last time we checked. Except the Tumín has depreciated a little against the DMS. Another important value is to notice that to achieve this the money supply has been shrinked by the Digital Material Central Bank by at least 4,000,000 DMS.

1 Digital Material Sunflowers =

Second Life L$ 0.002

100 Digital Material Sunflowers =
$ 0.001 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.01 Tumines
Second Life L$ 0.15

1,000 Digital Material Sunflowers =
$ 0.01 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.12 Tumines
Second Life L$ 1.51

5,000 Digital Material Sunflowers =
$ 0.03 Brooklyn Torches
$ 0.60 Tumines
Second Life L$ 7.56