The first Access Point to the translocal DMS open economy is in Mexico City.


Nimda Corporation in Mexico City has upgraded from being a node to an Access Point by expanding its Digital Material Sunflowers from their previous high of 30,000 DMS to 1,800,000 DMS, which makes it 300,000 DMS beyond the 1,500,000 DMS needed for a Point of Access. It also becomes more closely integrated to the Variable Network State, allowing other people in (or near) Mexico City to gain acces to it.  One of their initial assignments will be to audit Mexico City’s nodes and money exchanges like Axkan Nikán, Biquini Wax and Delegación Miguel Hidalgo to find out what their current DMS tier is.

In other news, the DMS experienced a minor appreciation in relation to the previous week, which in any case is good.

Also, another collective in Mexico City re-established contact to start a DMS node, in 2017.

The Digital Material Sunflower exchange rate at the beginning of this week is:

1 DMS = 

Second Life L$ 0.02
100 DMS = 
$ 0.01 USD
$ 0.16 MXN
0.01 € EURO
£ 0.01 GBP
Second Life L$ 1.97
5,000 DMS = 
$ 0.42 USD
$ 8.06 MXN
0.39 € EURO
£ 0.35 GBP
Second Life L$ 98.54

Operación a Oberlin, porque no se vende el número ganador del CPU Draw (Oct 16th, 2016).


El número ganador de esta semana fue el #20. Como nadie lo había comprado, oficialmente esta es la 4ta semana sin ganador.

Pero en su lugar le fue asignada una operación al agente en Oberlin, por 100 DMS.

Si alguien está interesado en tomar un número del CyberPunk Draw para aspirar a realizar una misión, puede ponerse en contacto con el Sysop  y hacerle una oferta. O si a alguien le interesa ser distribuidor de números, favor de contactar al Sysop.

New information about the controversial nimda corporation has been leaked.

About one month ago, at the Autonomous University of Morelos, nimda’s chairman, who goes by the online moniker of Justy Rames was spotted on a diplomatic meeting among his wife with the Texan magnate Joe T Hodo.

Although the meeting was allegedly an interview to the Texan gas magnate, who now is pushing his presidential campaign in Mexico thanks to the hate unleashed by Donald Trump, and promoting the establishment of a tunnel underneath the candidate’s wall to charge the immigrants for  border crossing or let them cross for free in exchange of forced labor at the fracking fields in southern USA, nothing good can come out of an encounter between nimda and Mr. T Hodo, specially if we remember the Lleratnac field accident in Versu Richelieu, which can only be compared to the burning oil platforms in Kuwait that transformed day into night for several days. Of course Kuwait oil burning wasn’t an accident, what make us wonder… Was the Lleratnac field incident truly an accident?

El Zorro’s secret sources are stating that nimda is planning an attack to mother Russia, and perhaps gas money is flowing through this conspiracy.